Saturday 21 September 2013

Secret Garden

For some people, this time of year can bring on a case of the 'post holiday blues'. The warm summer sunshine fades from our window sill, days grow shorter and darker, not to mention the immediate drop in temperature. A last minute escape to a hotter climate is more than appealing, but before you max out your plastic seeking far flung destinations in search of a never ending summer, why not embrace the oncoming season and take a trip to one of many places near your own home. Every one must have one or two hidden treasures within easy reach of your own back yard.

One of my personal retreats, a stones throw from home (in England), is Dovedale, the gorgeous walking trail in Derbyshire, settled amongst valleys and landscape wrapped around a winding river. All year round this little beauty offers nature at its best, quiet and tranquil, Dovedale is known for its path to the cutest village Milldale, and of course, the stepping stones across the river Dove.

Walking amongst the skeletal trees, pre Spring in the air, like we did earlier this year, or as the wilted, crisp leaves begin to descend upon the beaten pathway, there really is nothing like it. This place is special to me, memories of weekends and day trips, letting the frosty winter air blow out the cobwebs or lying on the lush green grass in the middle of summer- this wondrous get away location, just an hour from my home. Why look further? 

This time of year holds such beauty all around you, where are your favourite places, have you jumped the stepping stones of Derbyshire or wandered the cobbled streets of the nearby villages? Layer up in your favourite jumper and throw on your trusty Autumnal boots and get out there exploring your local treasures!


  1. How beautiful! I really need to go for walks in some beautiful places like this, I love it when the colder weather just starts to set in and the world is just beginning to change. It's such a lovely time :)

    Bella . BELLAETC

  2. Yes, wrapped up in snuggly knits and walking over all the crunchy fallen leaves!