Monday 23 September 2013

Lavender Lovelies

Getting crafty with some cross stitch! 

A great little book, full of ideas and projects, perfect for the beginner, is Cath Kidston's Stitch! I bought this book when I was on tour with work and in need of some introductory projects to needle point work. Its a lovely book with some really sweet patterns, and I found a great way to develop my cross stitch skills and techniques. I have made several things from here, including the Lavender Hearts and the Stanley Pencil Case. All of the projects leave room for your own creative input but allow easily understandable step by step instructions. I found out recently that this is an updated edition of the book, more compact and travel size friendly, but apparently the free gift with the original publication was more substantial. Perhaps worth checking out before purchase? Either way I would recommend this, as it holds the signature Cath Kidson designs we know and love, with some extra sweet goodies.

//Charlie and I stitching away//

//Working on some pooches//

A really great gift from my schoonmoeder was a collection of Dutch cross stitch butterflies, furthering my addiction with embroidery AND allowing me to study a little of the language at the same time! After completing the stitch work on four butterfly pieces I backed each with a different patterned fabric, edged with lace and filled with lavender. These made the nicest gifts and smell heavenly to boot!

//Getting my 'Dutch on'//

//Really fine stitches//

These little wonders are really enjoyable to make and seem to go down well as gifts, the creative design element really is limitless- you can use any kind of design, colour range or fabrics and fill them with a number of smelly treats! I have a ton of lavender left over so family and friends... Expect the next 6 Christmases to smell like rolling purple fields!


  1. I really want to start doing something fun and creative, get those juices flowing, and this lovely post has further tickled my taste buds for it!! Love the Cath Kidston book, I may have to purchase!! :) xx

  2. Ha awesome! This stuff is great if you're a busy lass, as you can pick it up and put it down, doesn't need too much attention. Unless you're a total granny like me, then you base you're entire day around a spot of cross stitch or knitting. This book is real handy though, it even has the best C Kidston design... The cowboy!! :)