Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Flourish of Fascination

Being a 'bits and bobs' hoarder (I don't throw anything away, that piece of string might just be the missing ingredient!), I am always looking for a project in which to use my ample supply of stuff. Upon scrambling around boxes and bags of materials galore, I discovered a little bag of pearly beads... And just like 'that!' an idea for a lovely little project rose to mind.

My scrumptious friends were due to get married but because of my travels and adventures in the flatlands I was going to miss out sharing their special day. So in a wild mixture of stroppy sulkiness that I couldn't go and a flourish of rummaging further, I concocted a beaut of a plan!

Hand crafted from pieces of fabric, netting, felt, and many many beads and sparkles and love; my gift to the bride. A one off, just like the lady herself, bespoke some may say, tailor made for the big day with tiny (something blue) beads dotted throughout.

Although I'm on an important voyage right now, testing the waters for future plans, I can't help but feel bummed that I missed the wedding. However, that is what makes this treasure so special, and has also set a wheel in motion for making more of these fascinators, again each individual and hand made.

So out come the tools and wonders, once buried away- and perhaps a trip or two to the Hellevoet market for some shiny new bits (any excuse)!!

Keep an eye out for more treats like this, and if anyone is interested in ordering a specific piece then please please feel free to get in touch.


  1. This is beautiful :) Youre very thoughtful and talented! I love the fascinator and it was the missing little something that completed the whole outfit :) Thank you so much! Everyone said how beautiful it was xoxox

  2. Heyyyy, thats kind. I'm just glad you had the most amazing day :) Loving all of the photographs! xxx