Saturday 17 August 2013

A voyage across the sea

Taking a giant leap into the unknown can be such a scary concept, trust me, I'm an expert on this these days. Life is never simple, easy or laid out clearly for you, it takes some puzzling, making a few mistakes and taking a few risks from time to time. Please don't get the wrong idea here, I am far from a rebellious run away or rule breaker! No way. My wild Saturday nights are spent knitting in my pjs watching some Madmen (ahhh heaven). But sometimes, every now and then, opportunities can arise that are just too good to hide from.

My boyfriend and I had plunged ourselves into some what risky territory straight from the beginning, considering I live in England and he lives in Holland, but things developed despite the distance (and some sea!), and after several million txts and skype dates and a few trips back and forth, we were stuck like glue. Uhoh. A year later and the 440 miles between us wasn't getting any less, so upon some serious brain storming, excited jives but some tears too, we built a plan!

Our adventure really began a month ago, when I parted ways with my job as wardrobe assistant for a ballet company, and Rich flew to England for the start of our summer vacation together. We spent several weeks exploring England (many posts to follow!) and spending time with my gorgeous family, relaxing and plotting towards the big leap approaching. And then just over a week ago I packed a huge suitcase and said 'see you soon' to my English loved ones, jumped on a plane tightly holding Richard's hand, and said 'hallo' to my Dutch loved ones!

Unless you have experienced something similar to this, it really is difficult to explain the vast mixture of emotions that spin your mind. Especially being such a home bird! I don't know how many times I remind myself it isn't goodbye to anyone, and how lucky I actually am to have two amazing families. And it is the support and encouragement from these families that have made things easier than it could have been. Tears and laughter do not even begin to describe this journey, my technique (besides super friends and family) is to close my eyes and jump!

And jump I did, right here to this wonderful sea side town. Let me show you around:

And when I feel a little home sick, I just wave!!

Many many more posts and photographs on their way, updating you on these wee adventures!

Have you ever taken any daring risks, leaps of faith or tackled similar situations? Are you a free spirited soul, drifting from one adventure to the next or do you prefer the simple, home life (like me! Haha!)?


  1. Is Rich going to give a pair of clogs when you two tie the knot? Lmao. I completely understand how you felt about all this. And honestly, I'm glad you made the "jump". I agree, it's not something everyone can relate to but knowing you've made the right decisionand sticking to it, is the best feeling ever. What part of Holland did you move to? It looks gorgeous and when I look at the pictures, one song that pops into my head is Groove Armada's At the River lol.

  2. Ah brilliant! (I played the track and flicked through my pictures just to see ;) )
    We're south, not far from Rotterdam (but far enough not to be in the city!) Its lovely here :) Yeah, complete mix of excitement and fear! Haha! But better to try things out than never know :)