Monday, 12 August 2013

A stitch in time

Calling all knitters!

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I have made it my mission to develop my knitting skills, in the hopes of reaching the lofty heights of being able to knit myself some winter woolies. Never one to take on simple tasks, I always manage to throw myself in at the deep end, but I am holding faith that practice really does make perfect (well, I'll be happy with 'good enough'!).

It seems to me that although knitting was once a handed down craft, from generation to generation, these days our main source of information is that grand old oracle- Mister Internet. And boy have I found a treasure trove of knitted goodness online!!

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Right now I can do the most basic of stitches, I am the master of knit one purl one, but I am itching to try my hand at reading a pattern. Moving up from rectangular scarfs, I am setting my sights on mittens and arm warmers (hello Christmas presents!) and am on the look out for some vintage patterns for cardigans and jumpers. My search begins with the key words BASIC KNITTING PATTERNS, but before long I have let myself become engrossed in a world of nostalgia and retro heaven!

[Photo from Subversive Femme on Etsy]

Take a look at my pinterest 'Knitting Inspiration' board for example. There is such a huge choice readily available, many pdf downloads landing right in your lap. So many vintage pattern books in pdf form, allowing these wonderfully kitsch delights to live on. One of my favourite places I have stumbled across is this gorgeous Etsy shop Subversive Femme. What better place to buy pattern books, than from  a fellow seamstress/ knitter? And of course, the mecca of knitting web sites Ravelry provides access to a whole community of fibre friendly fellows; the high lights of this site includes patterns, valuable information on the right yarns to use and even forums and groups.

The first thing on my craft table... These gorgeous knitted socks. Just think of the colour combinations! Then, when I'm feeling ambitious I will try my hand at this:

[Photo from Subversive Femme on Etsy]

My question for you; do you have any good 'beginners' knitting tips? Or a favourite place to source patterns / wool?

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